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I don't bitch and whine if things don't fall in my hands

Because I know how to steal

Mrs. Jordan Allison
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So, I rarely use live journal anymore. My screen name is old and some things on this journal are ridiculously outdated. I mostly use this journal to post my writing/poetry, or bizare(sometimes entertaining) things I experience in my life. As a result I keep entries friends only, so leave me a comment if you wish to be added.

abnormal psychology, airborne, albania, anarchy, anatomy, ancient rome, astro biology, astronomy, astrophysics, aviation, biology, birds, black holes, black metal, bulgaria, chickens, civil war, classic cars, classic country, classic rock, comfortable silences, confederacy, contemporary dance, cosmology, dark techno, dark wave, darkness, deutschland tanz metal, dialectology, el caminos, elton john, empty buildings, european history, evolution, exhibitionism, fixed wing aircraft, foreign languages, forensic science, forests, france, frank sinatra, gamma ray bursts, genealogy, geography, germany, ghetto fabulous, goth, greece, helicopters, helping people, hostels, hot rods, hungary, iceland, industrial, ireland, julius caesar, king ludwig, knowledge of the streets, languages, latin dance, latin language, led zeppelin, linguistics, macedonia, marine biology, marty robins, mechanics, medical terminology, medieval studies, meeting new people, metal, middle eastern languages, missiles, monarchy, moonlight, motown, my mortal mirrored soul, netherlands, neuschwanstein, nights, norway, nuclear science, nuclear war, obscurities, paranormal, photography, pink floyd, planes, quantum field theory, quantum physics, rammstein, rave, recon, renaissance, ripleys, romania, russia, saxon, saxony, science, scotland, sex, shadows, sieg heil, slovakia, slovenia, south pacific, southern classic rock, southern europe, space exploration, spain, strangers in the night, supernatural, sweden, switzerland, synchronicities, techno, the beatles, the ghetto, the huns, the ocean, the ottoman empire, the projects, the saxons, the winds of change, trains, trance, travel, traveling, turkish, tyranny, vienna, vietnam, war history, western europe, willensmeinung, world domination, world history, wwii