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So I logged into my old live journal and these are the life goals I… - I don't bitch and whine if things don't fall in my hands
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Mrs. Jordan Allison
Date: 2015-03-01 03:15
Subject: (no subject)
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So I logged into my old live journal and these are the life goals I had set in 2007 and 2008: Go skydiving, Get into an internship at NASA, Join the peacecorps, Sponsor a child who needs help, Learn how to drive a motorcycle, Get my private pilot's license, Get my commercial driver's license, Enlist in the army, Rent a car and drive down to New Mexico, Las Vegas, Arizona, Texas then down to Mexico, See my family in Germany and Albania, Go to a Rammstein concert, Learn how to scuba dive, Technically step foot on all the continents, Become fluent in a language, Ride a camel, Camp in the desert, Get an internship in Cairo or Greece
Study abroad in Humboldt university , Go eurail backpacking through Europe, See Victoria falls, Swim in the dead sea, Go on a holyland trek, Do the whole family thing, Get my bachelor's degree by time I'm 22.

..Wow, I was ambitious. Since this I've accomplished a few: saw Rammstein live, went skydiving, met my family in Albania and Germany, became fluent in German, I *visited* Humboldt but did not study there, did the family thing, and enlisted in the Air force. Looks like I have a lot of things to do once I graduate! (I'll be graduating at 26). It's always so interesting to look back on things you've written several years ago!
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User: lpdamp
Date: 2015-03-15 04:45 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Air Force awesome choice! What career did you choose. I tried my hand at German and kinda slumped off. It's good to have goals and keep up with them, i faltered on alot of mine.
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